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How C-Suite Executives ignite a new culture that drives productivity and profitability
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Who is this challenge for? 

  • CEO, Founders & C-Suite Executives 
  • You Are Ready to Become the Change Agent Within Your Organization 

Join Us in The Challenge 

Become the change agent that creates transformation in your organization.

The Program Has a Total Value of Over $1,000

Just $247 One-Time Today

Take the 7 Pillars to Profitability Training to Unlock Strategies That Have Provided Tangible Results for Our Clients. Companies That Have Implemented Our Strategies Have Experienced: 

  • Over $1M in annual payroll savings 
  • 50% reduction in operating costs
  • 26% increase in revenue 
  • 47% improvement in shipping and logistics 

You don’t need another conference, a workshop, or even another consultant you need a system that can sustain the weathers of time and the assault to your company that comes with changes in the market. 

The Program Has a Total Value of Over $1,000

Just $247 One-Time Today

The Program Has a Total Value of Over $1,000

Just $247 One-Time Today

"Exceeded Our Expectations"
Nicole Pitsinos Dir. of Marketing BVLGARI North America (USA & Rome), Private Advisory Client
Organizations Can Make An Impact & Be Profitable
Organizations that want to make an impact on the industry have a people - oriented culture that drives continuous profitability
Your Employees Are a Untapped Talent Pool
Given the room to do so, the training and opportunity leaders can transform an organization

Changed My Perspective

Through the training I learned about sales. For me, sales was intimidating, she has helped me to change my perspective about sales. The course was very eye opening for me and helped me to overcome limiting beliefs I had about sales.

Grace Thu, Senior Executive (Singapore), VOS University Student

The Steps Are Easy to Follow

“The information is very important and the steps that are laid out easy to follow. This program is very good and even after completing the course I’ve retained the lessons I’ve learned. The lessons LaDawn teaches are relevant, her voice is pleasant to listen to and this training will make an impact on many people.”

Carlos-Ivan Jacobo Lopez (Sweden), VOS University Student
"Increase Revenue by 25%"
Amanda Abella CEO & Founder of Make Money Your Honey (USA), Private Advisory Client

Create a Game Plan

The workbook that goes along with the course is fire! I like how the training breaks down the CEO Mindset and provides exercises that made me dig deep and create a game plan to get my business where I want it to be, in a short amount of time.

Jacque Tarlton, Co-Founder Plant Chics (USA), VOS University Student

Simple to Follow

A simple to follow approach. While you need to know where you're going, it's equally important to have deep belief in the work your organization performs. The training is simple to follow walks you through a series of questions to help create this clarity!

Mike Mcallister, Sr. Project engineer (USA), VOS University Student

The Program Has a Total Value of Over $1,000

Just $247 One-Time Today

"Creating the Next Level Client Experience"
Amy Liposky Vincent, Managing Director eWomen Network West Palm Beach (USA), Speaking Engagement
Take the 7 Pillars to Profitability Training Today! 

The Program Has a Total Value of Over $1,000

Just $247 One-Time Today

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